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Professional Gardening Services Surrey

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Welcome to Shining Gardens

Shining Gardens Ltd. is  company that offers  gardening services as most of  the other companies for gardening ….NO, THIS IS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME !

Just imagine how you sit in the garden relaxing on the lounge is quiet all around, the sun is shining, you are hearing only the singing of the birds and the murmur of the water in your garden ... isn’t it wonderful ...? Who said you can’t have it?



By choosing our services you will gain :

  • Free same day or next day viewing
  • Short time for quote giving
  • Short time for job start
  • Accuracy and ability of the  implementation


Please visit SERVICES for more details and CONTACTS for orders!

 Some of the main products that we want to present you are:

  • Garden Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains 

Along with the standard horticultural services we offer, we have and our own vision of the design and beauty of a garden. Yes indeed, any company for gardening services can mow your grass, trim the bushes, shape them, to plant flowers, to maintain your garden...

What we aim? The main idea for creating this company is to offer you something real, only and unique, something you can’t see in the yard of your neighbor, something you can’t get from another company and can’t even find on the Internet!

I must emphasize that these are products that you can’t find in the stores because they are not pattern models! Really there might be similar, but yet different from what we offer!

They can be planned and modeled in place and only after we made a view of your garden.

Garden ponds are our "specialty" and they are the thing we want you to notice.

View the Ponds samples, which are in our gallery and if you like them, you may soon have not less beautiful Pond.

All kind of combinations are possible between the ponds, waterfalls and fountains, lights and ornaments imparting radiance and sophistication. 

Don’t forget that the water is a part of us. 

For many people, the soft sound of her murmur soothes the senses, makes us better, it makes us to dream and to love, we become more focused and we improve our creativity. This is one of the main reasons to focus on the construction of water facilities in the house! Soon after becoming the proud owners of some of our creations, you yourself will not only illustrate the truth of the scripture, but will call us to thank us!

 Our specialists will ensure that this dream will become a reality and really soon!

All photos are only examples!!!

Update will be coming soon !


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